Logo, Visitenkarte, Flyer und Branding

It is always amazing to notice how deep some of the well-known brands have managed to bury themselves into our subconscious. We do not buy paper handkerchiefs, we buy Kleenex®. Three stripes? Adidas®! Simple logos don’t go down well? Fortunately, Nike® didn’t know about that country lore. Big brands often shine with a clear message and catchy logos such as “Impossible is nothing”. Sounds familiar? Exactly! Web Embassy is your passport to a web site in a completely different ball game.

In the bulk of web presences in the internet, especially those dazzle that manage to stick out in the crowd. Our approach starts right there. What difference does your company make as a brand? Why should potential customers choose your company, and not that of your competitor? Once this has been figured out, it’s all about transporting this unique selling point into graphic dimensions which then will show in form of an uniform and comprehensive appearance across your website but also in the logo or your business cards, letterheads and flyers. A brand with a high recognition value is born. And once again, Web Embassy had their fingers in the pie.

Of course, said recognition doesn’t serve an intrinsic purpose. Each composition and use of branding are primarily carried out in order to profile your company and increase its value. The fact that your brand awareness grows is, as a start, merely a pleasant side effect. Which web design and which technologies seem appropriate and beneficial for your communication goals? Which uniform appearance of your web presence and the other elements of your corporate identity are able to transport these very goals as a message? These are the basic questions we ask ourselves at Web Embassy – with the following principle in mind: Form always follows function. Because this is the only way to ensure a practical use for your company. Said appearance is then reflected in your corporate colors, corporate font and corporate symbol. Finally, all these will, in return, be reflected in objects such as the website, promotional items, e-mails, letters, uniforms for employees, etc.

Web Embassy is web design, web development, WordPress expertise and a permanent web consulate for the good and the beauty and the success all in one.

You’ve got enough of the hobby web developers and are willing to push your web presence forward in the world wide web scene? Web Embassy will get you covered! Please contact us and we will do our best to craft a great website and brand for your company.