Website Wartung und Support

Just like an embassy that constantly maintains its contacts Web Embassy strives to stay networked with you as a customer. We are dying to know how the websites, blogs, etc. that we created stand the test day in and day out. Generally, our work is designed in a user-friendly way. Thus, web content can be easily replaced and updated. Needless to say, there might be situations where you will need our help. Rest assured, we are always happy to help you out. If needed, we provide proper and regular care and maintenance for the software used on your website.

There are plenty of occasions that call to make various types of modifications and adjustments to your web presence. In terms of content, a shift in supply or target audience could, for example, force you to modify your web content. On the creative level, it’s often new trends and currents but also rebranding or relaunches that give an impact on further adaptions to the new zeitgeist. The market is currently dominated by the so-called flat design which goes without texture and plasticity but at the same emphasizes typography and primary colors evident in so many smartphone apps and Microsoft’s Windows 8. If you want to reach out to young people with your online presence you simply cannot avoid refreshing your website from time to time. At the software level, however, technical innovations or modified requirements are often the decisive factor for further developments and extensions of your existing program. If needed, Web Embassy will be on hand with help and advice for you in all these ‘trouble areas’ — as befits an embassy. Quick, competent and reliable.

Web Embassy is web design, web development, WordPress expertise and a permanent web consulate for the good and the beauty and the success all in one.

You’ve got enough of the hobby web developers and are willing to push your web presence forward in the world wide web scene? Web Embassy will get you covered! Please contact us and we will do our best to craft a great website and brand for your company.