Web Entwicklung Düsseldorf

This is where all areas of our work meet. Web development is, so to speak, the backbone of the design – the skeleton that holds everything together. Accordingly, we place our focus on clean, well-defined and sustainable web development that is preferably easy to service and maintain. Doing so, we include the most current technologies.

Web development à la Web Embassy covers the technical aspect of creating your website. It is obvious that this area is equally important because who wants to spend a lot of time on a website that is built overly complicated, runs differently on different browsers, repeatedly exhibits disorders and doesn’t comply with the latest standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)? In order to prevent such a mess, we take a good look at the whole array of HTML / HTML5 / XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX, PHP and MySQL and select the one standardised technology that serves your projects best. Web Embassy likes to face up to the highest standards.

At this stage, we emphasize on programming a content management system (CMS) and valid HTML5 and CSS3 elements and integrating a responsive design for various end devices such as mobile phones, tablets or PCs as well as a cross-browser compatible code that is accurately aligned with your requirements – depending on what is needed from your side. Web development in the style of Web Embassy includes the tech-savvy and creative integration of navigation models, content presentation, user-friendly functionality and user management – as lief WordPress. This primarily requires a level of expertise that needs to be constantly refreshed in order to stay on top of emerging modern technologies and, secondly, extensive experience from successful projects to build on. Both of which we at Web Embassy have at our disposal in abundance.

Web Embassy is web design, web development, WordPress expertise and a permanent web consulate for the good and the beauty and the success all in one.

You’ve got enough of the hobby web developers and are willing to push your web presence forward in the world wide web scene? Web Embassy will get you covered! Please contact us and we will do our best to craft a great website and brand for your company.