Maybe your domain has been “under construction” for a long time already? And yet, the page is supposed to be finished eventually! For it was your New Year’s resolution… The website should go live as fresh as paint until spring. That was the plan. Or was it just a temporary solution so that there is something – anything – on the internet?

Blogartikel über Webebtwicklung

Many people would like to have their own homepage. After all, the virtual world enables you to reach an enormously wide range of audience. Be it for professional or personal purposes, in order to reach more potential customers, to say hello to the world or to present your awesome individual recipes. Just like in the comedy movie ‘Julie & Julia’ (2009) by Nora Ephron that is based on the true story of Julie Powell (Julie) and the legendary American chef Julia Child (Julia). Powell decides to duplicate all 524 recipes from Child’s cookbook within a year’s time and share her experiences through a blog. Initially, she merely ran the blog to record her funny soliloquies about her cooking experiences and their impact on her personal life. At the end, however, it turns out that her blog has so many readers that she is offered to publish her blog posts in book format. A smashing hit, needless to say! But not all blogs turn out this successful and other sites may even be discontinued in the development phase already. The desire for an online presence may be there and so is the need for such… Nevertheless, it often takes several months or even years before a complete website appears online. Why is that, and what are the most common stumbling blocks?

There are several reasons why a website project stagnates and sometimes even fails.

In most cases, it is due to ourselves: We lack a clear goal in our mind. You wish yourself an expressive, clean and modern online presence. Meanwhile, you want to save costs as well. Very tricky, indeed! In the long run, semi-professional solutions develop into problem children. Pages that scream for a redesign make a bad impression on potential customers and scare them off rather than arouse their interest. The most common error in the World Wide Web!

Schnecken Rennen

Life is like a box of chocolates. Sure enough, these words also apply to the development of a website. Forrest Gump’s wisdom may turn out as an important lesson at the beginning of a website project, particularly for those inexperienced beginners who believe to be perfectly fine without a (web) architect and a (web) engineer. A construction site – and make sure you understand that a website project is nothing else but this – calls for professional supervision. Period. Otherwise, the courageous daydreamer is at risk to have caused just one thing after years of tinkering with the garden shed: constant dripping through the leaky roof. If this were a web page, users would run a mile before visiting it.

“You know what, I don’t feel like doing a blog anymore! Why don’t we just quickly build an online shop for a change?”

Let’s suppose you have tasked a web designer with the design of your website. Well done, but that’s still no guarantee that everything will go smoothly from here on. If something goes wrong it’s usually a sign that there is obviously a lack of essential communication. Therefore, make sure to discuss all the details with the assigned designer right at the beginning of the cooperation. For he might be a gifted ‘web architect’ but is still far away from being a clairvoyant! That’s why you have to convey your wishes for and vision of your website to him in great detail. Nowadays, there are a lot of options and ideas available that might give an optimal effect to your website – with new technology and looks coming up on a daily basis. As a rule of thumb, advanced and yet simple functionality score with most users and visitors.

So ask exactly what is possible and what is not. A responsible web developer will ask you to fill out a questionnaire about the image of your company, your needs, etc.

Get things straight concerning your goals in due time and share them with the assigned web designer. In fact, it is important for your web designer to immediately understand what he has to do. The worst case scenario would be to tell him two months later that you suddenly don’t feel like doing a blog anymore and opt for a blog instead…

However, should you recognise that the result is not satisfactory in spite of your careful preparation of your project, or you realise that the lines of communication are flawed, perhaps it is time to consider whether it would be useful to assign another developer.

Finally, the famous phrase “content is king” should be mentioned because your online presence stands and falls with content. This fact is not only valid since Google has changed the algorithms for positioning the websites and checks content more carefully. Even if everything is already perfectly prepared and the design is tip-top it absolutely requires beautiful photos, interesting stories, blog posts and anything that gives your website the certain kick that you’re looking for. Remember not to put these things on the back burner because it often needs fresh photos that still need to be shot. Shipshape websites that come along with yawning void are, by no means, uncommon. You should avoid by all means to get caught in this waiting loop by arranging content for your amazing online presence in time.

The ultimate to-do list for a successful website

  • Take the firm decision to create a great website!
  • Look around the internet extensively and think long and hard about the kind of style you favour and that fits your content at the same. Here you can find some interesting ideas: Get inspired!
  • Speak with various web developers, ask for advice and compare their offers. Do not only pay attention to the financial aspect but also to the web developers’ experience, passion, creativity, etc.
  • Prepare the web content!
  • No more rotten compromises!
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by   Vasily Fotin

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